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The history of this faculty dates back to 1988 when the first group of Persian Teaching students of Persian Language and Literature were admitted in University of Kashan (the Excellent school of science of that year). Gradually, with the formation of the Faculty of Humanities, with its variety of disciplines, Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages was considered one of them. In 2011, Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages with vice-presidents of education and research and six departments (Persian Language and Literature, Arabic Language and Literature, Quran and Hadith Studies, English Language and Literature, Religions and Philosophy, and Islamic Theology) become independent from Faculty of Humanities.

The Faculty of Literature is equipped with the most up-to-date educational equipment such as language laboratory, computer facilities, video-projector-equipped classes, a library with more than 160,000 books, and an amphitheater.

The richness of this faculty is formed by the employment of more than 40 faculty members (with Assistant Professor rank or higher), provision of hardware needs, and research resources, which are all another feature of this Faculty.

Publication of scientific-research journals, attending in national and international conferences, publishing specialized scientific works, membership in the editorial board of scientific journals, and the success of the graduates in higher levels of university education are all the signs of academic ability of the faculty members and hard work of the students of this faculty.

This faculty has admitted students in Persian Department and Quran and Hadith Studies in undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. English Department admits students in English Language and Literature and English Translation in undergraduate level and Teaching Language as a Foreign Language in graduate level. For Arabic Departments, students are admitted in all three levels in Translation or Literature programs. Department of Islamic Theology offers graduate and post-graduate levels of program for the students.

Graduates of English Language and Literature and Arabic Language and Literature gain skills in oral and written translation and can be efficient at the centers in search of these expertise. Graduates of Persian Language and Literature, Islamic Theology, and Religions and Philosophy programs can help cultural and research centers such as Ministry of Education and universities.

Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages has 480 B.A. students, 178 M.A. students, and 3 Ph.D. students in current year. This faculty was founded in 1988.

You will find below the full list of programs offered at the University of Kashan (Last Updated December 2022). You can find a more thorough list of programs at the University of Kashan HERE


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